Save Overland Golf Course and Protect Our Parks and Neighborhoods!

Our parks are priceless!
Did you know that Councilman Jolon Clark and Denver Parks & Recreation are heavily promoting an Anschutz (AEG)/Superfly 3-Day MEGA-Music Festival on Historic Overland Golf Course beginning September 2018 for the next 5+ years?

Anschutz (AEG)/Superfly is proposing a MEGA-Music festival completely shutting down Overland Golf Course beginning September 2018 (one of the most beautiful times of the year for golfing) for 6 weeks, 5+ consecutive years and charging a proposed $400 per ticket for the 3-day event. This is projected to attract 200,000 concert goers. The monetary gain is a bloody fortune for the profiteers who will exploit our resources and leave. This is not for the community.

STAND UP against billionaire Anschutz (AEG)/Superfly promoters using our neighborhood golf course for profit. Our parks are priceless. No amount of money is worth letting huge crowds trample and trash our beautiful historic solvent public park land. Our neighborhoods and wildlife corridor will be severely impacted by these massive crowds.

City Council Vote Eminent:

Email or Write to City Council ASAP


Denver City Council
1437 Bannock Street
Room 451
Denver, CO 80202

Inform the Council as a whole body your vote on this issue. It will never be on a ballot.

Tell Representatives NO!

No MEGA-Music Festival on Overland Golf Course

Tell Mayor Hancock, Councilman Jolon Clark, and Denver Parks and Recreation that the proposed ANNUAL 3-DAY MEGA-MUSIC FESTIVAL on the historic Overland Park Golf Course is a misuse of municipal park land...

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Community Rebuttals

To AEG/Superfly & *City's Actions Say:

Misuse of Public Lands and New Precedent Setting
If the City of Denver can completely shut down Overland Golf Course for weeks and rent it out for private-corporate profit, the precedent will be set that any golf course or public park within the City could be shut down in its entirety and rented out for private-corporate profit.

*City's action says: Misuse of Denver's priceless public parks and golf courses is okay as long as we can make a little money. Citizens MUST DEMAND that this precedent setting event be put on the ballot for a vote by the people!

Golf Course & Respect

for the Golfers. It is not right to kick the golfers off their golf course for weeks!

This golf course is loved, respected and used by many. Seniors especially like Overland because it is a flatter and easier course to walk.

*City's action says: It's okay to disrespect golfers and misuse their golf course. It is unclear how much damage will be done to Historic Overland Golf Course by the City promoting 200,000 people to come trample and misuse it for 3 days. *City's action says: Disrespect the golf course land, trees and environment, we can do whatever we want with it and then go Abracadabra to make it just perfect again in one week.

Impact to Neighborhood

Vague Promises of Benefits to Community

These are quiet and peaceful neighborhoods surrounding Overland Park Golf Course. The residential neighbors including many elderly and disabled will suffer excessively from the noise and traffic this event will cause. *City's action says: Disrespect the neighborhood citizens and blast the music away all day long until 10 P.M. at night.

The City's made innumerable vague promises of upgrades, temp employment, profits to RNOs, safety, people control, parking control, transportation, local business benefits, trash control, and on and on. Just wait, next the City will be promising weather control.

Direct Conflicts

The AEG/Superfly event is in direct conflict with

the 50-yearly community-oriented Levitt Pavilion Concerts on Ruby Hill to begin July 20, 2017 accommodating up to 7,500 people. *City's action says: Disrespect Levitt's new venture "To Build Community through Music" that's over there on Ruby Hill.

The AEG/Superfly event is in direct conflict with the Army Corps of Engineers' $13-1/2 million dollar project restoring 2 miles of the degraded habitat and ecosystem of the South Platte River that is between Harvard Ave. and Mississippi Ave. directly adjacent to Overland Golf Course. *City's action says: Disrespect the Army Corps of Engineers' work. Plus, disrespect the South Platte River wildlife corridor and ecosystem by bringing in unusual mobs of people.

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Email or Write to City Council ASAP.
Inform the Council as a whole body your vote on this issue.


Denver City Council
1437 Bannock Street
Room 451
Denver, CO 80202